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Simply put, Random Acts Productions is a post production facility operated by artist Cody Wasson –a Santa Monica based Local 700 feature editor, freelance editor, motion graphics creator and visual effects artist


Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Cody began his career freelancing for multiple award winning studios in the Kansas City region while attending University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (with an emphasis in film and digital media) in 2009, he relocated to California to pursue his goal of working in Hollywood.


Since relocating, Cody has become a member and roster name with the Motion Picture Editor's Guild. With over 9 years of experience editing and creating graphics, Cody's past work includes editing multi-million dollar feature films, a two time, Emmy Award winning skit show, and a multitude of independent short films. His clientele ranges internationally, including both PBS and The Discovery Channel


Our goal at Random Acts Productions is to create original, entertaining and memorable content while working alongside the most creative minds in the business. We know that all projects and ideas have potential. Let's find it and bring it out. 

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